Did you know?

2018 Officers:

David Epstein
Assistant Chief:
Laurie Frenkel
Rec. Secretary:
Kailyn Reamy
Sheri Snyder-DaCosta
Corresponding Sec.:
Allie Reamy

Current staffing:
Regular Members - 38
Probationary Members - 13
Cadet Members - 9

Ambulances - 4
Response - 1
Special Operations - 1

Our Mission

The members of the Fair Lawn Volunteer Ambulance Corps provide emergency medical services for the residents, visitors and workers within the Borough of Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Our services are also provided to surrounding communities during times of emergency. Our members have responded to the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy and staged in Jersey City in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks on New York City.

Our Services

The Corps provides the following services to the Borough of Fair Lawn:

- Emergency BLS ambulance services for 9-1-1 calls.
- Pre-arranged transportations for Fair Lawn residents.
- Ambulance coverage for special events.
- Free training classes to the public.
- EMS Support for police, fire and rescue.